2015 Ordinances
Mun. Ord. No. 17-01-2015 – Public Safety and Order Code of the Municipality of Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur

Mun. Ord. No. 17-02-2015 – An ordinance authorizing the proposed borrowing for the construction of public market

Mun. Ord. No. 17-03-2015- An Ordinance requiring all parents with children to enroll their shool age children in school

Mun. Ord. No. 17-04-2015 – an ord. req all farmer, gardeners and plantation managers with minimum slope of 10 degrees within munof Tukuran, ZDS to follwo contour faraminSALT

Mun. Ord. No. 17-05-2015- an Ordinance Institutionalizing the Barangay Nutrition Scholar of the Municpality of Tukuran, Zambo. del Sur

Mun. Ord. No. 17-06-2015 – Regulating the Entry of Passenger Jeepneys to the Ecotourism zone of Tukuran

Mun. Ord. No. 17-07-2014 – Code of Ethical standards for LGU employees (amended penalties)

Mun. Ord. No. 17-08-2015 – regulating the sell of rugby, vulca seal ,thinner and other similar solvent

Mun. Ord. No. 17-09-2015 – An ordinance designating parking areas for Public Utility Vehicles in the mun. of Tukuran and for other purposes.

Mun. Ord. No. 17-10-2015 – an Ordinance on TB promotion Program of the Municipality of Tukuran and for other purposes

Mun. Ord. No. 17-11-2015 – Medical check up for LGU regular employees

Mun. Ord. No. 17-12-2015 – an Ordinance on regulation governing rice farming in the Mun of Tukuran and for other purposes.

Mun. Ord. No. 17-13-2015 – an Ordinance abolishing the two vacant items of midwife 3 and creating three new items of midwife I in the plantilla of personnel of the MHO

Mun. Ord. No. 17-14-2015 – An Ordinance Amending Agro- Subsidy program of the LGU of Tgukuran, Zambo. del Sur