What is Technology for Economic Development (Tech4ED) Center?
Technology for Economic Development or Tech4ED is a project component of the eFilipino program of the ICT Office of DOST that aims to harness ICT to enable, empower and transform society towards creating an inclusive, integrated, and equitable countryside.
What are the different services one can avail at Tech4ED Center?
eEduSkills Aims to deliver e-Learning on demand to address the education divide. Job Portal Enables Job seekers to view descriptions of open positions, as well as employees to view profiles of potential applicants.
Alternative Learning System (ALS) High School Diploma for OUT of School Youths and Adults.   Rural Impact Sourcing   Promotes entrepreneurs thru online jobs direct to employers locally or abroad.
Skills Training Acquire skills and competencies to start a small business or get employed. eAssess provides industry assessment and certification for the purpose of convenience and cost-efficiency. The segment has industry testing, TESDA Certifications, Job Portals, Industry Assessment, and Industry Certification.
Values & Character Formation Enable Out of School Youths and Students to uphold Filipino values.
eAssist aims to enable Women, PWDS, Ofs including their families and relatives, seniors, indigenous People, Teachers & Career Shifters through access to special contents. mAgri (or “mobile”-Agri) enhances fram technologies for product diversity, which includes products form aquaculture, livestock, and agriculture.
ICT for Digital Literacy – Upgrade digital competencies for employment or entrepreneurial opportunities. eGovServ provides direct government services in rural communities. The segment does not only provide payment portals but also services from other government agencies through ICT.
ICT for Financial Literacy – Learn how to save, spend, and invest your money.
ICT for Career Development – Develop competencies relevant to a particular industry for higher grade jobs.
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ICT for Entrepreneurs – Learn how to start your own business and utilize ICT to expand market reach.
mMarketPlace Aims to help people reach markets beyod theirs for exponential growth.
eTrade Enables real-time price watching and forecasting to ease business processes.